CVG: Comments of the week

Ha! Funny...

Ah the end of the week. We like it for two reasons: firstly because we get to go home at 7pm each night (luxury!) and secondly because we can all have a giggle at some of your comments.

And giggle we do because you always have amusing things to say right across the board.

Are we always laughing with you? Lord no, sometimes we're laughing directly at you, but laughing is laughing.

Here are your mildly funnies:

New Blizzard MMO will 'blow people's minds'

Way to ruin the surprise. Now I'm going to receive this news with my mind pre-blown.

Yes, I know where that comes from.

Sorry altitude2k but it's best that you're prepared.

World of Wh*recraft: Something gets Blown!(TM)

r0zm4n has the strangest trademark we've ever seen.

Sony NGP development 'based on PS1 mentality'

My favourite thing about the PS1 mentality was attention to detail epitomised by little details such as Shaka Hislop being White and Martin Keown being Black in Fifa Soccer 96!

jtake9 clearly has problems letting some things go. We're not sure black Keown and white Hislop was a Sony decision either...

Dead or Alive 3DS videos: Cat fights and ninjas

You're the breast around...

Yeah keep moving Balladeer.

Sony: NGP 'not just for the ultra-rich'

Translation "Tories, Charlie Sheens dealer AND prostitutes that know Wayne Rooney"

Three points of topical gaggery there by El Mag, although Rooney's old news. Still.

I draw the line at two kidneys.

g_marrs has a clear and strict budget. Sensible.

I'd have a new found respect for Sony if they announced it more like this.....

Can you count suckers? I say the future is ours... if you can count!

Now, look what we have here before us. We got EA sitting next to Activision. We've got THQ right by Rockstar. Nobody is wasting nobody. That is a miracle, and miracles is the way things ought to be.

You're standing right now with nine delegates from 100 developers. And there's over a hundred more. That's 20,000 hardcore members. Forty thousand, counting affiliates, and twenty thousand more, not organized, but ready to fight that's 60,000 soldiers. Now, there ain't but 20,000 hackers in the whole town.

Can you dig it?
Can you dig it?
Can you digggggg it?

The problem in the past has been the man turning us against one another. We have been unable to see the truth, because we have fighting for ten square feet of ground, our turf, our little piece of turf. That's crap, brothers! the turf is ours by right, because it's our turn. All we have to do is keep up the general truce. We take over one borough at a time. Secure our territory... secure our turf... because it's all our turf!.

El Mag may have just written the best press release ever.

Uncharted 3 trailer: Villain is Helen Mirren lookalike

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