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Jagex announces Transformers MMO

Online robots in disguise in 2012

Runescape dev Jagex has announced it's partnered with Hasbro to bring a Transformers MMO to PC in 2012.

Rights holder Hasbro said it chose the studio because of its "outstanding track record" developing online games, and revealed it's assembling a "dream team" to deliver an "epic" Transformers game.


"Transformers is one of the most iconic brands in the world and we are delighted to team up with Hasbro in order to bring our shared vision to reality," Jagex CEO Mark Gerhard stated.

"There is a huge appetite for an online Transformers game and we will utilise every bit of our development and publishing expertise to deliver a dynamic and action-packed game that Transformers fans will find irresistible."

Who's up for this then?