Motorstorm Apocalypse Euro delay 'under discussion'

Following Japanese delay after earthquake disaster

Sony has delayed Motorstorm Apocalypse in Japan and is considering doing the same in Europe following the disaster in Japan.


It confirmed earlier today that the PS3 racer, which places players in races through a post-apocalyptic city rocked by natural disasters, will not be released in Japan on March 17 as planned, that date changed to 'TBA'.

Now it looks like the delay could be carried over to other regions, as an SCEE rep has told GameSpot UK that the game's Euro release is "under discussion at the moment."

The third game in the series is currently due to release in UK this Friday, and in US on April 12.

As reported earlier, Yakuza: Of the End has also been delayed along with Marvel Vs. Capcom 3's Jill and Shuma DLC, and publisher Irem has outright cancelled Disaster Report 4.

[ SOURCE: GameSpot ]