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Angry Birds passes 100 million downloads

Rovio Mobile marketing boss Peter Vesterbacka boasts over lofty numbers

The simple bird flinging smartphone game, Angry Birds, has been downloaded more than 100 million times.

That's according to Rovio Mobile marketing exec Peter Vesterbacka, who noted the impressive figures during a panel talk at the South by Southwest Interactive conference in Austin.


He went on to tout some 40 million monthly active players who spend around 200 million minutes a day chucking pissed off birds at poorly housed pigs.

"Everyone is playing Angry Birds," he said, before going on the make the controversial claim that "tablets are killing consoles" and that innovation in gaming has "clearly" moved to mobile.


Rovio bosses Mikael and Niklas Hed developed 51 games (says Wired) before striking gold with Angry Birds, a simple game in which players catapult birds towards breakable structures with the aim of killing pigs cowering inside.

[ SOURCE: Mobile Entertainment ]