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id Tech 5 'was never an option' for Prey 2 - Bethesda

Sequel will not use id's powerful engine

Yesterday Bethesda announced a sequel to 2006's mind-bending first-person shooter Prey is in the works.


Most people assumed it's being built using id Tech 5, the engine used to power id's Rage. However, Bethesda Softworks's director of marking and PR Pete Hines has confirmed that the game will not be running on the impressive tech, and that "it really wasn't an option".

According to Hines this is because Prey 2 "has been in development for quite a while" and the development of id Tech 5 "is still in progress".

Prey 2 was previously announced by 3D Realms for the Xbox and PC in 2008. Zenimax, parent company of Bethesda, acquired the rights to the franchise in 2009.

Prey 2 is once again being developed by Wisonsin based Human Head Studios, which is built up of former Raven Software employees.

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