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Buy Street Fighter IV iPhone, support quake relief efforts

Capcom reveals relief campaign

Capcom has detailed its campaign to support quake relief efforts in Japan.

The Japanese publisher has promised it will make a donation of 100 million yen to relief funds. More generously though, it's announced the discount of Street Fighter IV on iPhone down to 59p, with all proceeds from sales going to the relief efforts.


Players subscribed to Monster Hunter Frontier Online that have been affected by the earthquake will also not need to pay a monthly usage fee.

Capcom's arcades and offices will also be closed or operate on shortened hours in order to conserve electricity, it's said.

A number of other Japanese games publishers including Nintendo, Namco Bandai and Sony have begun announcing campaigns and donations to support the post-quake efforts.

A few game releases have also been delayed or outright cancelled following last week's disaster.

CVG can readers make a donation via the British Red Cross here

[ SOURCE: Andriasang ]