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Mass Effect 2 Arrival DLC - First screen

BioWare starts teaser campaign for still-not-announced add-on

BioWare's seemingly released the first screenshot for long-rumoured Mass Effect 2 DLC, Arrival.

The studio posted the image on its Facebook page, telling fans: "New Mass Effect 2 screenshots have Arrived. I'll release a new one tomorrow if you share this one and help us get 750,000 impressions!" Notice the capital 'A' on Arrived.


The DLC still hasn't been officially announced by EA, but BioWare's seemingly started sticking teaser flyers for Arrival inside the packaging of fellow-RPG Dragon Age II.

The DLC was first leaked through a recently-released patch for the PS3 version of Mass Effect 2.

Considering the quality of the last Mass Effect 2 packs, we're bang up for this. More soon.