Prey 2: First image features... Sam Fisher?!

Magazine cover reveals redesigned protagonist

The first Prey 2 image has emerged via the cover of Swedish games mag Game Reactor... and is it just us, or does the protagonist look a bit different?

If this artwork is anything to go by then developer Human Head's switched the original game's American Indian, comic book stylings for a hero who looks a whole lot more 'Tom Clancy', but of course we shouldn't get ahead of ourselves - we haven't seen the game yet.


Regardless, the internet's naturally burst into rage mode at the suggestion of a visual change, and one of the writers of the Game Reactor article logged onto the NeoGAF forum to assure fans: "Have a little faith here, I highly doubt you'll be disappointed in this game".

Prey 2 was officially announced for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC yesterday, with new publisher Bethesda at the helm.

Prey 2 is once again being developed by Wisconsin-based Human Head Studios, which is built up of former Raven Software employees.

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