iPad 2 gets prettier Dead Space

iOS game hits Apple's latest hardware with enhanced graphics

EA has launched the iOS version of Dead Space for iPad 2.

According to the publisher, the iPad 2 release features "enhanced graphics" that show off the hardware's "capabilities as a gaming platform".


Travis Boatman, EA Mobile senior vice president of worldwide studios, said of the game: "Dead Space showcases the power of the iPad 2, bringing the psychological thrill of this award-winning game to players in new ways.

"The faster core and graphics capabilities of the iPad 2 open up possibilities to reach new levels of quality in EA's games never before seen in a portable device like this."

The publisher noted that Dead Space for iOS has earned a Metacritic rating of 94.

Check out a gameplay trailer for the iPhone version here.

On the home console front, EA has said it's going to gun for a broader audience with Dead Space 3.