Black Mesa soundtrack is ready, claims composer

Steady on. That's the soundtrack, not the game...

Oh Black Mesa, will you ever be anything other than vapourware, periodically paraded in front of Half-Life fans as a cruel tease? We're guessing not - but we can and will continue to hope.

The latest shred of info comes to us from the Twitter profile of Joel Nielsen, a composer/producer/sound designer based in Canada.

He's written these immortal words: "The Black Mesa Soundtrack has gone gold!"


Nielsen's own website list the last update from the long-awaited fan remake of Half-Life as November 30, 2008, when a trailer was released for it. The site also hosts numerous early tracks from the Black Mesa soundtrack.

For the blissfully unaware Black Mesa is a project which aims to re-create Valve's seminal Half-Life title in the updated Source engine, which debuted with Half-Life 2. Two separate mod teams initially worked on their own individual projects before merging to work on Black-Mesa: Source.

That was in 2005, we're still waiting.

It's a little bit odd that Nielsen chooses to say the soundtrack has 'gone gold' considering that Black Mesa is a mod project based on a Valve property - and is therefore likely to be released for free. But at this stage, we'll take anything.

While it's a slightly confusing choice of words, we're still secretly hoping a soundtrack is being released; if only so we'll have a musical backdrop for our heartache.

Who knows? Maybe this means Black Mesa is nearly done and close to release. Don't hold your breath on that one.

Valve boss Gabe Newell has teased that it would be "fun" to remake Half-Life 1 in HD.

Thanks to CVG reader ste hicky for the heads up. Big Brother is watching.