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Latest Uncharted 3 footage: Dissected

Trailer Analysis: New Naughty Dog video gets the once over...

Our latest look in on Naughty Dog's anticipated adventurer Uncharted 3 serves us a scene that, frankly, sends all sorts of conflicting thoughts and feelings soaring through our synapses.

That's right; Nathan Drake is wearing a tuxedo. So is Sully. We don't know what's going on, what happened to the half tucked t-shirt or why the normally muddy men of the wilderness are frequenting what's probably a popular bar or club, all we know is we're confused and Nate scrubs up well.


But enough of the admiration, we need to try and get to the bottom of what's going on here. One thing that hasn't changed is that the duo seem to be scrambling from danger, bursting through the back door of what's probably a swanky establishment judging by the Armani (we've got an eye for fashion).

What interests us is the question of whether or not the cut scene directly follows a period of gameplay. Obviously we can't be sure that prior to the rush out Sully and Drake were having a massive rave but we'd love to see a section of Uncharted 3 in a nightclub, maybe even a shoot-out that clears the place and leaves the usual situation of Nate versus around 70 henchmen.


Turns out the pair were running from a gang of bald Brits, some of whom appear to have been one step ahead to cut them off in the alley around the back.

Then comes a pretty one-sided beat-down which lasts until our new main villain, Katherine Marlowe rolls up in a very executive ride, chauffeur and all.


It's pretty quickly established that there's some history between Marlowe, Sully and Drake, she greats Victor like an ex-wife might, pointing out that he's lying in a load of garbage. She's about Sully's age and, being the smooth-talker he is, we might jump to some sort of sexy conclusion about Sullivan being involved with Marlowe at one point.


But later, she refers to him as Mr. Sullivan, which has more business-like tones to it. Again, this is speculation, grabbing anything we can get but there's definitely something going on: lead designer Richard Lemarchand said so himself, in fact.


Katherine then turns her attention to Drake who's clearly very aware of what the villainess has gotten up to in the past, which leaves us more anxious to find out what's going on here considering we're pretty sure this is the first we've heard of Katherine Marlowe.

It also makes us think that this section could be fairly late on in the game, late on enough at least to develop this toxic atmosphere between the two parties anyway.


Marlowe starts to goad Drake, breaking his character down, pointing out that he gets off on "cheating death" and ponders what he's "really afraid of". It; the way she says this before snatching Sir Francis Drake's ring from around Nathan Drake's neck that's confusing.

It's almost as if Nate Drake's biggest fear would be to lose that ring. But why? Sure, our protagonist might feel really attached to the ring that he believes links him to his adventuring ancestor, but to have a fear of losing it is something else entirely.

We also have to question what this apparently already wealthy woman would want with a ring. Considering some of the twists the Uncharted games have taken so far, we bet there's a supernatural element somewhere underneath all of this.

Jot down your thoughts in the comments section below and remember - all ideas are good ideas, let your imagination run a muck.