Brink: 'We'd like it on every possible platform'

Pt 2: More from the Splash Damage CEO on his flamboyant shooter...

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But that's not to say there's not somebody out there that couldn't pull it off and achieve something incredible.

Obviously with the NGP people are excited about its power and the dual thumbsticks for the FPS experience, but Brink would still just burst it wide open, would it?


I'm not saying that it's not feasible, I'm just saying that its current presentation isn't feasible.

You said you've got the same performance right across all platforms, the main thing that that usually says to PC players is...

Sorry I should say, on the PC you get the benefit and frame-rate and resolution and visual fidelity that comes with having a more powerful hardware platform. Of course, also, you're playing on a mouse and keyboard and that mouse has a faster turn-rate and so on.

Look out for the concluding part of our Brink interview soon.

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