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Another Homefront review shoots in - 79% from PC Gamer

Mag "really enjoying Homefront's multiplayer"

The first dedicated PC review of Homefront is in - with PC Gamer giving the game a solid 79 per cent score.

The mag is most full of praise for the game's multiplayer section, which it says provides some "fierce firefights", as well as "polished mechanics and chaos on the battlefield".


PCG agrees with CVG's Homefront review on the campaign length - reporting a rather slim five-hour package.

However, the mag is upbeat on the story of the single-player experience, reporting that the "depiction of America after years of war and occupation is incredibly detailed".

It adds: "This is a tour of occupied America-you'll see everything from a hidden refugee community to a locked-down metropolis with $20-per-gallon gas signs, starving suburbs with bodies hanging from water towers and horrific labor camps set in repurposed high schools."

Combat is noted as a lowpoint, too often descending into "ho-hum whack-a-mole gameplay", whilst the "ferocity" of multiplayer doesn't "manifest in the single-player campaign".

Overall, PCG's Homefront review concludes that the game "never quite captures the feel of guerilla warfare, but its multiplayer mode is a warzone worth fighting in".

We rounded up the first batch of early Homefront review scores this morning, and will have a more comprehensive collection for you soon.

Homefront is released for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC today in the US and on Friday in Europe.