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iOS gets its own section on Metacritic

Reviews aggregate site accepts Apple OS as "full-fledged gaming system"

Whether or not tablet gaming is 'killing consoles', Apple has most certainly secured itself as a major player in the games industry, and Metacritic has cemented that fact even further with the launch of a dedicated iOS channel.

iPad and iPhone games now have a separate dedicated section equal to those of Xbox, PS3, Wii and other established gaming platforms.


The launch of the new channel "reflects the critical community's growing acceptance of the iOS platform as a legitimate, full-fledged gaming system whose games can compete with those designed for the more established, dedicated gaming systems," says Metacritic.

The channel joins the ongoing monthly iPhone game guides that offer a list of the top titles on Apple devices.

World of Goo currently tops the list of best all-time review scores for the platform, closely followed by iBlast Moki and Real Racing 2. The awesome Plants Vs. Zombies comes in seventh.

Angry Birds, which has sold over 100 million copies and is on the verge of world domination, is so far down the list with its 79/100 review average that we can't be bothered to count.

iPad 2 sales are said to have hit 1 million in it's first weekend on sale in the US.

[ SOURCE: Metacritic ]