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EA defends dev who posted top score review on Metacritic

Dragon Age 2 dev gives game 10/10, EA says "that's how it works"

EA has defended a BioWare developer who posted a user review on Metacritic giving his own game a perfect score.


Posting under the alias 'Avanost' posing as a common gamer, the BioWare dev submitted a shining 'review' for Dragon Age 2 giving it a perfect score. He went so far as to dismiss other reviews saying, "Anything negative you'll see about this game is an overreaction of personal preference," before going on to claim that "it is flawlessly executed and endlessly entertaining".

His discovery outraged other users, in particular the user who discovered the identity of 'Avanost'. "This is a matter of ethics and integrity", said the user in a blog rant, saying that "the consumer is being deceived".

But EA disagrees, passing it off as 'the done thing'. "Of course the people who make the game vote for their own game," a senior public relations manager told Kotaku.

"That's how it works in the Oscars, that's how it works in the Grammy's and why I'm betting that Barack Obama voted for himself in the last election," they added.

Sure enough, however, the review has since been deleted.

Check out PSM3's Dragon Age 2 review, which was not even slightly written by EA staff.

[ SOURCE: Kotaku ]