Homefront 'will be a decent seller' - analyst

Cowen & Company expects game to hit two million sales, despite mixed reviews

Cowen & Company analyst Doug Creutz expects THQ FPS Homefront to sell two million units.

Writing in an analyst note about the game's 72 Metacritic rating, which led to a drop in the publisher's share price, he said:

"With over 20 reviews now reported at the Metacritic website, it is clear that Homefront has not lived up to expectations in terms of game quality.


"While this will likely hamper the title's ability to achieve breakout success, we still feel reasonably confident that it will achieve sales of 2M units, and see no reason to change our estimates at this time."

Some reviewers took exception to the game's short single player campaign, although most praised its multiplayer component. We gave it an 8.6 in our own Homefront review.

Creutz added: "We note that EA's Medal of Honor earned a similar 74 aggregate review score last year but has still sold over 5M units to-date, in part due to aggressive marketing by EA and positive pre-release buzz.

"Homefront has been building buzz up to the launch date so we believe the title will still be a decent seller for THQ despite mixed reviews."

THQ chief financial officer Paul Pucino said last week that Homefront would "have to sell somewhere in the area of two million copies... to break even".