Homefront: We'll make sequel longer if fans complain, says Kaos

But building lengthy campaign and quality multiplayer is "a balance"

Kaos has told CVG that Homefront 2 will be longer in the single-player department - if fans complain en masse about the first game's five-hour campaign length.

Kaos GM David Votypka said that it would be "a balance" to extend the single-player story whilst developing a top-notch multiplayer component - the area for which Homefront has attracted the most praise.


He explained: "It's a balance really. So if we were doing a single-player only game - and there are some of those out there of course - then you're talking maybe a 20-hour single-player campaign.

"I think going forward we'd certainly work on extending it a few hours, but going past the 10-hour mark and doing a category-leader multiplayer game... you just have to balance your development resources there.

"I think the main thing is do people feel that they got enjoyment out of the single-player campaign and enough of it? So we'll see how it comes out and what the gaming audience has to say about it."

Votypka stressed that multiplayer - taking into account Kaos' history developing big online shooters - is very much the focus of its efforts.

"We also want to focus on a large-scale multiplayer game and that you get a lot of hours play out of that as well - because that's infinitely more replayable than single-player anyway and you're going to spend the bulk of your time there," he said. "So we really want to make sure that's robust and deep."

Homefront is out in Europe this Friday. See the first ten minutes in video form here.