Activision announces Wipeout in the Zone for Kinect

That's the TV show, not the racer

Activision's announced it's working on a Kinect game based on US TV show Wipeout, which is the American version of Richard Hammond's BBC splash-fest.

Wipeout In the Zone will have players "running, ducking, dodging and wiping out" using Kinect, says the publisher. You'll even be able to take on the "Big Balls" that contestants seem to faceplant every weekend.

"The ABC hit show Wipeout continues to thrill a growing fan base of viewers with hilarious new obstacles. Everyone who watches the show wishes they could try the obstacle course - and now this is their chance!" said David Oxford, Activision Publishing. "The show is all about absurd movement and well-timed balance, so it's a perfect fit for a Kinect game."

Wipeout In The Zone will be released for Kinect in the summer.