Homefront: DLC, multiplayer will prevent trade-ins, says dev

FPS is value for money despite length claims, insists developer

Homefront's extensive multiplayer mode and upcoming DLC schedule will encourage players to stay away from the trade-in bin, developer Kaos has said.

Speaking to CVG in a recent interview, studio GM David Votypka said his game - which requires a paid-for online pass if bought pre-owned - still has plenty to offer despite claims its solo campaign is five hours long.


"I think the multiplayer and the length of that, plus the upcoming DLC is a strong reason to keep the game," Votypka said when asked about trade-in fears.

"The multiplayer has a fairly long unlock tree, it has a lot of replayability and certainly we're going to support the title with DLC as well going forward," he said.

"So I think there will be a pretty strong reason to keep Homefront in the disc tray."

Early Homefront reviews have criticised the length of the game's main story, but the Kaos boss argues that because it offers "an experience that feels different" and an extensive online mode, his shooter is still good value for money.

"You have to have a strong single-player and multiplayer component for $60," he said. "We feel that ultimately we wanted to make a game that people felt, 'yes, I want to spend my $60 on that product'. We think what we're delivering in Homefront is really compelling and also a lot of fun."

Homefront is out in Europe this Friday. See the first ten minutes in video form here.