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Peter Molyneux: The Fable of a Fellow

The Lionhead boss recalls his career lows and highs following his BAFTA triumph......

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"Every game we've ever made has provided this moment of: 'Oh my God. It's HOW long?' At one point, Fable 3 was 24 hours long when it should have been 12.

"You haven't got enough time to polish everything, so you have to cut chunks out. It's like hacking off parts of your body. You really grieve doing it. There was so much good stuff left on the floor with Fable 3."

'The Golden Line', promises Molyneux, will allow Lionhead to plan far more effectively - as each dev team will know "exactly which story moment is happening when" in the game.

This new approach will be combined with tools that "cut down the time to move trees and spawn people from weeks to seconds" and, of course, the influence of Milo - the breathtaking Kinect project first seen at E3 2009. (It's still a "tech demo", says a tight-lipped Molyneux - but one whose parts will be used to create "amazing new stuff".)

Molyneux promises he has "a very clear idea where Fable will go in the future", but what of the man himself? This year alone, he's had to make room in that Lionhead cabinet for a BAFTA Fellowship and a GDC Lifetime Achievement Award. Does he ever think it's time to hang up his boots?

He slams his fist on the table between us at the mere suggestion. "I'm always wondering if I've already made the best game of my career," he responds.

"That can't be true. It can't, damn it! I feel like everything I've done in the past has led to this moment now. It's time I used all of my experience and all of my failings to make something truly great."

Molyneux seems to glaze over at any suggestion he's already done so many, many times over.

From conning Commodore to putting Populous on the map; masterminding Bullfrog's rise to risking his personal fortune on Black & White, all of this man's greatest achievements bear the same mark.

Peter Molyneux is... a restless crusader for personal improvement. And, inarguably, some kind of genius.

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