Rift review - 85% in PC Gamer

New MMO receives praise for new features, combat and quests

The MMO fiends at PC Gamer have spent some quality time with Trion Worlds' newly released role-playing game Rift and given it an 85% score in its review.

The review opens by describing an impressive, multi-part quest involving "a huge wave of zombies" which form the core of the Rift gameplay experience.


PC Gamer says these "frequent, zone-wide events aren't a distraction from Rift-they are Rift, and they're some of the most epic, fantastic experiences available in MMOs today".

Without these events the world of Rift would be "nearly indistinguishable from any other generic fantasy world" thinks PC Gamer.

Rift's numerous inclusive, community focused combat scenarios earn particular praise from PC Gamer, which says "watching hundreds of allies take down bosses or destroy bases is exhilarating every single time, especially considering the potential to earn rare gear".

Although the quests can be "somewhat uninspired" the enemy spawning rift events keep the new MMO from being "nearly indistinguishable from its contemporaries", but as expected the combat does center around "hit the buttons on the bottom of the screen a lot", which may not be everyone's cup of tea.

PC Gamer seems to be quite taken with Rift, it says "Virtually all of Trion's concepts in Rift have paid off" and the game is packed with unique "features help make Rift's world feel epic and rewarding". The game features "undoubtedly the best execution of public quests to date" and proves "there's room to grow within the traditional MMO format".

Trion Worlds has signed a multi-year deal with Ubisoft for the game's distribution across France, Benelux, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Nordic region.

[ SOURCE: PC Gamer ]