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Hard to imagine 3DS won't top DS - Ubisoft

Firm says connectivity could be as important as 3D in reaching mass market

Ubisoft has said it expects 3DS to become an even bigger success than the original, 140 million unit selling DS line of handhelds.


"Given the innovation that's inside a 3DS and what it has to offer, it's difficult to imagine a scenario where the 3DS isn't bigger than the original," Ubisoft brand manager Jan Sanghera told MCV.

"We're expecting the 3DS to have a broad consumer appeal from launch and, as such, have ensured we offer a variety of titles."

Ubisoft is the biggest third party supporter of the system at launch. It has eight titles for the system set for release in its first few months of availability, including new Rayman, Ghost Recon, Splinter Cell and Rabbids games.

Sanghera also said connectivity could prove just as important as 3D in attracting the mass market to the new portable.

"3D itself will be a massive draw, but also with its connected digital features that allow not just social gaming gaming experiences, but also the ability to download and consume much more."

Nintendo's CEO Satoru Iwata has expressed confidence that the 3DS can top the high sales of its predecessor.

3DS sold over 200,000 units during its debut week in Japan, and has broken pre-order records for a games console at ahead of its arrival on this side of the pond next week.