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iPad 2 review arrives from TechRadar

Does Apple's new tablet cut the mustard?

Our colleagues over at TechRadar have gone live with their iPad 2 review, and while the site says the tablet is the best of its kind, it also questions the scope of improvements Apple's made over the original model.

On the plus side, TechRadar says its "new design is attractive enough to make anyone want to upgrade", while its A5 processor, camera, gyroscope and other enhancements "increase the iPad 2's value over the iPad".


Being thinner and lighter than the original also "means more mobility, and even less reliance on a laptop", while speed improvements for GarageBand, iMovie, and several games are described as "noteworthy".

On the other hand, TechRadar says the iPad 2 "is still not a great multi-tasker", "the lack of widgets is also a drawback", and the cameras are still "very poor".

The site's biggest criticism is that the device simply lacks innovation. "... The original iPad is now £100 cheaper and Apple has had a full year to innovate further without really delivering much," it says in its verdict. "We really wanted to see some jaw-dropping new features."

But TechRadar concludes: "For all the negatives, for now we think the iPad 2 is still the best tablet around. It is much better for consuming media, has more compelling apps (especially for the larger tablet size), has a better app store ecosystem, and is light and useable."

It was reported on Tuesday that Apple sold close to one million iPad 2s in the device's first weekend of availability.

Announced earlier this month, iPad 2 goes on sale in 26 more countries on March 25 (the same day as 3DS). Check out our iPad 2 review round-up for more verdicts on how it compares to the original.