StarCraft 2 marketplace 'still coming' - Blizzard

But there's no 'specific timeline' for its arrival, admits Blizzard boss Frank Pearce

Blizzard co-founder Frank Pearce has said that the StarCraft 2 marketplace first announced in 2009 is, despite its absence, still on the way.

"We had talked about, at BlizzCon a couple years ago, the concept of a 'StarCraft 2' marketplace, and we haven't launched that yet," he told MTV, adding that it remains an 'important' feature to Blizzard.


He went on to admit, however, that there's no set plan for its release. "But it's not necessarily something we have a specific timeline for, which is unfortunate because one of the things that we've found is, especially from our learnings from 'World of WarCraft,' is that these audiences that play these games are very, very passionate and want to experience lots and lots of content," he said.

"With the 'StarCraft 2' client and the 'StarCraft 2' map editor and the platform, it creates an opportunity for the community to serve itself with content, if the mechanisms are there."

StarCraft 2 last month received a new patch update that, among general bug fixes, improved the game's matchmaking.

[ SOURCE: MTV Multiplayer ]