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Homefront: Fresh shooter or same old stuff?

Tell us what YOU think of THQ's FPS...

THQ and Kaos Studios' Homefront is now available in both the US and Europe, and reviews have been mixed.

In our Homefront review we called it "creatively conservative" but "an engrossing, cleverly realised shooter with CoD-beating multiplayer".

However, not all critics have agreed, with reviews varying across the score chart.


Right now, we want to know what you fine folks think of Homefront.

The game goes in some interesting, if not risky, new directions. Its plot deals with issues and themes that most competing shooters either would avoid completely or turn into a scene from a Michael Bay movie. But does the execution hold up on its end?

What do you make of Kaos' decision to bring war and all its atrocities to your virtual doorstep?

The length of the single-player campaign has been a major criticism of Homefront. Do you feel that the game was too short or is the solid, well-received multiplayer enough to make up for it?

As you play through Homefront's single-player and multiplayer this weekend, let us know your thoughts and opinions in the comments below.

The best comments will be flagged up in a follow-up article. Don't hold back...