Peter Molyneux's amazing stories Pt. 2/3: The CIA, Electronic Arts and the sawn-off shotgun

In which Peter forgets to call the police, but PC Format does not

He's a BAFTA Fellow and a true legend of British games design - but almost as important as both of those facts, he's chock full of head-bending stories.

Yesterday, Peter Molyneux revealed to CVG readers a lovely little tale (or should that be tail?) of a shocked Sega boss with a wet patch on his leg and a naughty little pup.

Today, in the second instalment of a three-part series celebrating Peter's BAFTA triumph, we repeat a tale the designer told CVG just last week - in which an unhinged member of the public decides to get in touch...


This one's a story from back in the Bullfrog days which is particularly bizarre. So this person wrote me this hate mail in which he threatened to kill me. It described exactly how he was going to do the deed - including how he was going to use a shotgun to blow my head off.

Oddly, he actually wrote to PC Format as well, repeating the plot of how he fully intended to kill me. In fact, I think it was they who decided to call the police.

Sure enough, the police checked this guy out and discovered he did actually have a sawn-off shotgun and that he wasn't exactly 'all there' upstairs.

This all happened when we were owned by Electronic Arts, who, it turns out, take such things very seriously. They flew in all these scary CIA people. I had loads of them camped outside my house waiting for this madman, hiding in the bushes and the trees.

They told me to "act normal" and said things like: "We'll take him out, don't you worry." But as you can probably imagine, it's quite hard to "act normal" in those circumstances.

As it turned out, the police had made a big mistake. They'd checked on the wrong person and the information they had was incorrect. The guy who'd written me the hate mail was just some angry bloke sitting at home in his underpants.