The best ever video games - in (almost) every genre

This is going to be tough...

We're a little bit scared - there's no denying this is dangerous territory.

It's hard enough trying to determine the best games in one particular genre, where you have enough scope to include a few greats. But to try and pick out the best of each genre? That's a mad man's game.

But, if that's the case, go ahead and call us Captain Crazy, Lieutenant Loon, Corporal Cuckoo and any other mentally warped military hybrid you can think of.

We're never afraid to dip our toes into the piranha infested waters of contention - but we do have to throw in a few caveats here. First of all, we say "every genre", but we can't include every sub-genre in this beast - we have families to go to.

So while we will try and pay homage to the best of the more specific categories, we're going to have to keep it fairly broad. Of course if you want to delve into the best of the rom-stealth RPG racing genre in the comments section, be our guest.

Secondly, the best of every genre? Jeez. It's unlikely our personal preferences are going to match your own, but you should remember that if your favourite game isn't mentioned here, you're still allowed to play it. You should also remember, however, that this is very much a science and we're objectively correct (wink).

Here goes something:


In a way the platform genre itself is an icon of gaming. If you were to ask Joanna Public to describe a video game, she would more than likely talk about jumping from one platform to the next as a little plumber or blue hedgehog.

We've had so many platforming franchises in all kinds of different forms, each with a long line of iterations, there really is something for everyone whether it's classic Sonic, Alex Kidd, Crash Bandicoot or even LittleBigPlanet.

But we think the pinnacle of platforming is a modern day title. Super Mario Galaxy 2 is arguably one of the most creative games out there, topping the untoppable Super Mario Galaxy with a bang full of platforming inventiveness.

It's the first direct sequel to a 3D Mario game and it's beautifully colourful, imaginative worlds provided just the right balance between a good old fashioned challenge and immense fun.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 was never going to have quite the same impact as its predecessor because it was building on the storm that the original managed to whip up, but it was a game of immense spectacle and ingenuity and that's what makes it one of the greats.

The fact that Deus Ex is generally considered one of best games ever (and probably even the) leaves us pretty confident in our pick for the best RPG there is.

True, we have to give mention to the likes of Mass Effect, Oblivion and, if you want to break the boundaries and delve into the online world, something as impressively vast as World of Warcraft, but the original Deus Ex manages to remain a major player despite its old age and it's thanks to the fact it does so much so well.

An engaging story, fantastic characters and extensive interactivity, all the key bases were covered and covered incredibly well. Deus Ex offered a level of freedom and immersion that had never been seen in games before and isn't seen in a whole load of games even now.

That level of freedom meant different options so that players could take a tactical approach to the game and, most importantly feel intelligent, satisfied when a plan comes together because it was exactly that; a plan and not just a process.

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