iPad 2 supplies 'threatened by Japan disaster'

Key components reportedly only produced in stricken nation

The Japanese earthquake, tsunami and ongoing nuclear threat could severely disrupt Apple's plans for the global rollout of the iPad 2 next week.

According to an iSuppli report (via the Telegraph), five key components of the tablet are sourced from the stricken nation, including its unique battery and compass, which could lead to product shortages at launch.


Factories across Japan have been hit by power cuts and some sent workers home following last week's tragic events, while many citizens are now being told to stay indoors due to fears over radiation leaking from the Fukushima nuclear reactors.

iSuppli said it would be troublesome for Apple to find an alternative suppliers for several of iPad 2's components.

"The iPad 2's compass works in close coordination with the tablet's accelerometer and gyroscope. This makes it impossible to simply replace one manufacturer's compass with another," said principal analyst Jérémie Bouchaud.

Released earlier this month in the US, iPad 2 goes on sale in 26 countries on March 25 (the same day as 3DS). Check out our iPad 2 review round-up for verdicts on how it compares to the original.

[ SOURCE: Telegraph ]