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Locate a 3DS demo station near you

Handy tool located 3DS demo units in BestBuy Stores across US

Nintendo has launched a handy locator tool on its site that seeks out 3DS demo kiosks located near you.

Nintendo has placed thousands of 3DS consoles in demo stations at "retail locations" stores across the US to allow gamers to experience the joys of glasses-free 3D for themselves ahead of the console's launch this coming weekend.


If you're States-side, just slap your location into Nintendo's locator tool and it'll tell you where the nearest kiosks are within a user-defined perimeter.

3DS has already topped Amazon UK pre-order records, and major publishers such as Ubisoft even expect it to top the phenomenal success of the DS.

We've put together a list of the cheapest places for UK gamers to grab their 3DS units when it launches this Friday. If you know what's good for you you'll have those pre-orders in already.

[ SOURCE: Nintendo ]