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Street Fighter X Tekken confirmed for Captivate in April

Capcom's own expo the setting for bigger reveal

Capcom will be showing off the much-anticipated Street Fighter X Tekken game at its upcoming Captivate expo in April.

That's according to Street Fighter IV producer Yoshinori Ono, who has posted a picture of himself clearly playing SFxTK, with the caption: "We're busy preparing for CAPTIVATE 2011 as CAPCOM private event."


The shot doesn't reveal anything exciting but it's certainly a tantalising teaser; on the dual-screen setup you can see Jin Kazuma about to kick off against Ryu. Each player also has two characters in their squad but we can't quite make out who the benched fighters are from the tiny icons above the power bars. Feel free to have a go.

Blanka's clearly owning that bear in Ono's ongoing pictographic joke, though.

Ono said late last month that the team is planning an announcement regarding SFxTK to be made after the US release of 3DS (March 27).

Expect more at Captivate.