Hitman 5 reveal set for E3, first screenshot found?

Viral campaign jacks up speculation

The first Hitman 5 screenshot may have just been revealed.

We say "may" because the shot itself doesn't give very much away, it does however show a gloved hand clutching a silencer, which is classic Hitman.

It comes out of a viral campaign that has been poured over by fans over at the official Hitman forums who were encouraged in a "warmer, colder" kind of way from "IO Community Guy" Nick at various intervals.

After much decoding and investigating on various viral teasers the fans have come up with the date: June 7 2011, which is the start of this year's E3.


Following the post, IO man Nick responded with, "Yeah, looks like you've done excellent detective work, guys. I'm very proud. Being the Sherlock Holmes that I am, however, I can see there's one thing that you've yet to discover..."

That other thing looks like it could have been the screenshot, which looks like it has come from CG footage, the URL for which was found in some metadata.

Of course, with nothing confirmed, that date could be nothing more than a website launch, a red herring, or a complete misunderstanding. It's unlikely though, right?

Make of it what you will, there are 52 pages of forum investigation to flick through.

A series of mysterious Hitman images first started to appear online earlier this month suggesting an imminent reveal for the return of Agent 47 series. Seems like we could be closer than ever.

[ SOURCE: Hitman Forum ]