Grand Theft Auto V outed by Tweet?

Buzzer-voiced actor suggests GTA involvement

Grand Theft Auto V may have been confirmed (as if it needs confirmation) by American actor and comedian Gilbert Gottfried.

Reports suggest that the man who has become known for his loud and grating voice Tweeted "just found out I'm voicing the lead in grand theft auto 5!".


The Tweet was apparently taken down, but not before The Noble Eskimo caught a glimpse. When the site contacted Rockstar North for comment the only response was an image of a poster for Problem Child, a 1990 film that Gottfried starred in.

The post isn't Gottfried's first controversial tweet - earlier this month he wrote a tasteless comment on the earthquake in Japan, for which he has since apologised.

Two things: Firstly, we find Gottfried an unlikely candidate for the lead character in a GTA game, although we wouldn't be surprised if he were to snap up a comedic role within the game.

Secondly, with this not being confirmed and Rockstar responding in nothing more than its usual playful way, you can probably read into this about as much as you did when GTA V appeared on another actor's CV and GTA-style web domains were uncovered in February.

Gottfried has acted in the likes of Beverly Hills Cop II (1987), Disney's Aladdin (1992) and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (2003). He also lent his voice talents to the English Language version of Kingdom Hearts 2.

[ SOURCE: The Noble Eskimo ]