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Batman: Arkham City gameplay - Dissected

Trailer Analysis: Pulling apart Rocksteady's latest...

Last week we were treated to the first lengthy Batman: Arkham City gameplay trailer last week - and what a trailer it was.

As always with our most anticipated games, we felt compelled to pick up our Bat-scalpel and pull Rocksteady's latest offering to give you a bit more insight based on what we saw in our Arkham City preview session - and speculate about bits on which we're still just as in the dark as you are.


We'll start with an establishing shot. This is how our preview begun and from the top of one of Gotham's towers you can see the sprawling streets of the city stretching as far as the Bat-eye can see.

It's the kind of scene that reminds us of Assassin's Creed, sitting on top of a viewpoint, surveying the city below and getting an idea of just how open our sandbox is. We can't say how much of that view is actually playable but, as you know already, Arkham City is five times bigger than the Asylum so there's definitely a sandbox element to Batman's second outing.


Once you do get on the move your main mode of transport will be the old grapple and glide technique. Previously Arkham City's Batman was touted as having a climbing system similar to that of Ubisoft white-robed killer. From what we've seen that's not the case but then, when have you ever seen The Bat scale a building inch-by-inch when he wasn't Adam West?

No, instead Bats looks as though he'll be able to hook on to pretty much any roof edge at any time to zip to the skies. There's also a grappling 'catapult' move which sees Batman flick himself beyond the targeted ledge so that you can snap straight into a glide.


As far as gliding is concerned, this shot makes for interesting seeing. It shows Batman apparently under fire from some heavy gunning on the ground and the way he twists and turns to avoid the stream of bullets looks incredible. Could this be an actual scripted section where you have to fly through a barrage of bullets or just an example of what happens if you fly too close to the ground in a gang-heavy area.


When you do go to ground there are number of new takedowns available for neutralising threats quickly and definitely. Have a look at the 76 screens we grabbed from the gameplay trailer over the weekend and you'll see Batman midway through a double chokeslam but the one Rocksteady's shown off a lot in promo material is this one - the head smash.


This time around though there's more than just theatrical goons threatening Batman - The Tyger private security company is also out to get him courtesy of Hugo Strange if the initial (and amazing) reveal trailer is anything to go by.

This pair look like they are from Tyger although we wouldn't have through that stamping on a dude while he's curled up on the ground would be their style. We also wonder who the victim is. He's wearing denim, what looks like a gun-holster and a black balaclava...


One of the biggest qualms a lot of people (including ourselves) had with Arkham Asylum was the boss design - and we use the singular because, by and large, Batman's biggest battles were against meaty monsters that charged at him a lot.

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