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Next Xbox arriving in 2015 - designer

Supposed first image of confidential hardware project surfaces online

Microsoft is targeting a 2015 launch for the Xbox 360's successor, according to a designer brought in by the platform holder's Interactive Entertainment Business to investigate new gaming hardware.

As spotted by ZDNet, a designer has posted a supposed screenshot of the confidential project on his web portfolio.


ZDNet speculates that this is a completely new project just getting underway, and suggests the black devices pictured look like a stand of sorts with something attached to the top if, and a zoomed-in portion of a Kinect-shaped device.

This is all just mere speculation, of course. However, Xbox 360 came out in late 2005, so a 2015 launch for its successor would satisfy Microsoft's desire to see the current console enjoy a ten year lifecycle.

Microsoft said earlier this month that it's on the hunt for a 'hardware verification engineer', a 'VLSI graphics architect' and a 'VLSI performance architect' for work on what sounds like a next-gen console.

Square Enix announced last week that it's to open a new Canadian development studio later this year in preparation for the next generation of home consoles.

Earlier this year, Crytek told CVG it expects a new console generation to arrive by 2013, while Just Cause dev Avalanche told us it's "prepared" for any sudden announcement of a successor to the Xbox 360.