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Nintendo UK details 'VIP' 3DS launches

Leeds, Liverpool, Dublin and more...

Nintendo UK's further detailed this Friday's Nintendo 3DS launch, confirming that over 1,200 stores are planning to open at midnight to sell the console.

As previously reported, the official UK launch event will take place at HMV Oxford Street, where the first 500 customers will be able to claim a free 3DS game of their choice, plus more goodies.


In addition, Nintendo's confirmed there will be 13 further 'VIP' launch shops opening around Britain and Ireland at midnight on Thursday, with the first customers at these stores able to pick up games for free or for "substantial discounts" and the very first buyer receiving a free taxi ride home.

Nintendo UK GM David Yarnton said of the launch: "We've been blown away by both retail and consumer reaction to Nintendo 3DS. With over 1,000 stores opening across the UK at midnight to launch the console, this has the potential to be one of our biggest launches ever in the UK."

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The VIP openings are as follows:

Asda - Derby
Tesco - Cambridge
HMV - Liverpool
Argos - Leeds
Gamestation - Birmingham
Smyths Toys - Dublin
Xtra-Vision - Letterkenny
Gamestop - Dublin
Game - Glasgow
Game - Cardiff
Game - Manchester
Game - Oxford Street
Gamestation - Hull