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CVG's Site Of The Week:

Shining the spotlight on the best gaming sites around...

Last week we reigned in any fanboy tendencies we might have and just enjoyed gaming for what it is with The Average Gamer. On CVG's Site of the Week this week, we're getting right back into the depths of the medium.

We've looked at console specific websites in the past but this is a whole new level of niche; we're shining our CVG spotlight onto - The Internet Games Car Database.


It does exactly what it says in the title and brings you a whole host of screenshots and information on gaming's most prominent (and bog-standard) automobiles. Spawned in 2006, it's since become a catalogue of more than 30,000 cars.

But why are we jabbering? We sat down with founder Martin Bigg who told us everything we needed to know:

What sets apart from other sites?

IGCD spawned from its sister site (the Internet Movie Cars Database), and has been running since 2006 by myself and another administrator. With over 32,000 submitted cars to date, IGCD has become a unique and comprehensive database of images and information on cars found in video games. Each submitted car is categorised by its role in the game as either playable, unplayable (traffic cars seen in a city driving game for example), unlockable (cars that are only available by progressing through the game) or downloadable (i.e. additional DLC cars).

Any registered user can contribute images or post comments on the numerous game and car pages, which has resulted in a strong and active community that is passionate about both video games and cars alike. Users who frequently contribute are then granted an admin status, whereby they can freely add and edit submissions without approval.

What would you say you specialise in?

IGCD's primary focus is to maintain its status as a reliable resource for video game car identification. While we include games that feature licensed cars such as Gran Turismo, there is a lot of interest in games that do not such as Grand Theft Auto. Since developers often can't acquire the licenses for car manufacturers, the vehicle designs usually closely resemble a real-life counterpart - IGCD therefore provides a unique insight into this process. If you ever wanted to know what the Cheetah from GTA was based on, for example, IGCD is your resource.

What do you have planned for the future?

We are very pleased with the progress that has been made over the last years, so we would like to maintain this pace as more games get added on a daily basis. We also recently created a Facebook page in order to further expand our community, so we look forward to watching it grow. All in all, we would like IGCD to become the site of choice when it comes to seeking information on cars and their presence in video games.

We are always looking for new members to contribute images and join in the discussions, so please feel free to register - there are still many incomplete pages, games to be added and unidentified cars. Alongside IGCD, both myself and the other administrator have been working on new web projects related to cars and driving games so stay tuned.