Register your Euro 3DS, get cool reward

Club Nintendo giving away sweet gift as reward for registered consoles

When you get your 3DS we know you'll want to rip it out the box and shove your face neck-deep into its stereoscopic worlds, but hold off just a second, yeah.

The first 3000 people in Europe that jump online and register their new console with Club Nintendo will receive a neat gift through the post; an originally-numbered Nintendo t-shirt with an augmented reality card printed on it.


Nintendo says it "might surprise you in more ways than one," and it's already safe to assume the 3DS will recognise it for use with its built-in AR games - if the wrinkles in the material don't cause too many issues.

But what would be really cool is if Nintendo could release another mini game specifically for use with these t-shirts - one that maybe has you shooting each other like a game of laser tag. What do you think, readers?

Users will also get 750 Stars for registering the 3DS, along with 250 Stars for each game.

Possibly even cooler, the US Club Nintendo last month offered an actual, fully-playable for real Game & Watch game to those with 1200 Stars going spare.

[ SOURCE: Club Nintendo ]