3DS eShop was delayed to improve on 'disappointing' Wii/DSi Shops

3DS project lead Hideki Konno explains why the eShop won't make launch

It is odd, and slightly disappointing, that Nintendo won't have the eShop ready for 3DS launch, but the delay is for good reason, according to Nintendo's Hideki Konno.

The 3DS project lead has admitted that the Wii and DSi consoles' equivalent digital shops were disappointing to both Nintendo and consumers, and it held back the 3DS' eShop to make sure they get it right this time.


"We definitely want to make sure that it's ready before we bring it out," he told Gama. "The iterations that we've had before -- for Wii and DS -- to be honest, we just haven't been as satisfied as we would like," admitted Konno, and we concur.

"It's browser-based, and to be honest, the ease of use wasn't what we wanted, and I don't think that anyone has been pleased with the user response," continued Konno, who said users don't revisit the Wii/DSi Shops as regular as Nintendo had hoped.

He went on: "And you know on Wii, of course, you had the promotion channel, which is where you went to get new information, and see game demos, or whatever. And so having those two separate, I think, didn't work really all that well, either."

On 3DS, this will be greatly improved, he says. "For Nintendo 3DS, we really want to cover that all in one spot and cover it from all sides. And so we're really taking the right amount of time to make sure that it's right."

He goes on to confirm: "It's not going to be browser-based; it's a native application. So again, the preparation needed for that is quite extensive."

That fails to truly explain why Nintendo doesn't have it ready for launch, and only suggests that the 3DS is simply being released before its ready.

3DS is out in UK this Friday and US on Sunday. A software update that will add the eShop and all its functionality has been dated for 'late May'.

[ SOURCE: Gamasutra ]