Halo games will be 'scrutinised differently' without Bungie, admits 343

Hardcore fans will be able to tell the difference, says O'Connor

Microsoft expects Halo games will be "scrutinised differently" by fans now that creator Bungie has ended its relationship with the series.

That's according to the creative director of MS's 343 Industries, Frank O'Connor, who told CVG that he expects hardcore Halo fans will notice the switch in developers.


"Right now Bungie is supporting the community with matchmaking and stats, but at this point that's it," he said, adding that the studio will "continue to do that and support the community but in terms of actual Halo product this marks the first where there is no Bungie, or even tertiary Bungie involvement other than matchmaking".

O'Connor added: "It hasn't felt different for me because I used to work with all of these guys. So it feels like a continuation, but it will also be scrutinised differently by the fans - or at least the hardcore fans because there will be an apparent difference whether there is any reality to it or not."

Asked if 343 is expecting the public to notice the switch in development studios, O'Connor replied: "Absolutely. There will be things that they'll say 'oh this is better than that' about but we'll just have to wait and see.

"I'll be watching that stuff, you have to take it seriously because your core fans are also the most educated. But you also have to remember that probably 75% of the audience doesn't know who makes the games - to them it's like 'Xbox makes the games'. Those are a bulk of the audience that you also have to pay close, careful and loving attention to."

The 343 man has played down rumours that TimeShift dev Saber Interactive is working on a rumoured Halo 1 remake.