Nintendo discusses future 3DS features

Firm unsure about game demos, says text chat "would be really interesting"

Nintendo 3DS producer Hideki Konno has been talking to Wired about potential future 3DS functionality, including game demos and text chat.

Firmware updates will be used to add new content and features without you having to do anything but keep your system in sleep mode, such as the 3DS eShop and a web browser, which are due to arrive in May.


Asked about the possibility of text chat between friends, Konno told Wired: "We are going to be making updates to the system, and I think that's something that would be really interesting to do."

He also said 3DS demos were "technically feasible", although he questioned whether they were worth Nintendo's resources.

"I question whether or not demos are effective. There are cases where people play a demo game and they're satisfied with that play experience and they don't buy the game," he said.

"There are also times when they play a demo and think, 'Wow, this is great, I'm going to buy this when I have the chance.' So whether or not it's an effective use of resources, I'm not sure."

[ SOURCE: Wired ]