Lower development budgets mean more creative freedom - Another World creator

"The less it costs, the better it is," says Eric Chahi

Triple A games are creatively stunted thanks to bigger costs compared to indie games.

That's the opinion of Another World and From Dust creative director Eric Chahi, speaking to CVG.


We asked Chahi for his thoughts on the words of Cliff Bleszinski, who said at GDC that developers today had to either make blockbuster triple A games or low budget indie games to be commercially successful.

Chahi agreed that there was polarisation occurring to an extent - but pointed out that titles appearing on platforms such as XBLA and PSN are actually catching up to their big-cost brethren:

"Yes there is high budget and low budget," he told CVG. "But on the other hand we can see that on the XBLA and PSN the production quality is increasing right now if you compare the games on the XBLA from a few years ago to today.

"I don't know how it will evolve; maybe we will have bigger budgets for original games, but don't think that it's a goal.

"The less it costs the better it is because the less it costs the more creative freedom we have," Chahi continued.

"It's true that there are more creative things on the low budget side than on the AAA side. If you have a graph of creativity it will be lower on the AAA and higher and on the lower [budget] because creativity is not linked to the development cost."

Incidentally, Chahi's From Dust is looking like a very creative number itself as players take on a God-like role to fiddle with terrain in real-time and with real-physics in order to preserve a tribe.

Have a look at the latest From Dust trailer to see if it's your bag.