Need for Speed Hot Pursuit PC gets patched

Update fixes crashes and rendering problems

Criterion's released a new patch for the PC version of Need for Speed Hot Pursuit designed to eradicate crashes caused by ATI graphics cards and embedded Intel graphics chipsets, among other fixes.

The developer said of version 1.03: "Fixes account for almost half (47%) of the crashes caused by the top 10 problems reported by our users. Specifically, crashes and rendering problems on ATI Radeon X1300, X1550 and X1800 graphics cards have been addressed.


"Fixes are also included for Intel embedded graphics chipsets such as the Intel GMA 500, Intel GMA 600 and Intel GMA X3000 which are running older graphics drivers.

"Another crash bug has also been resolved when running on graphics hardware that does not support DirectX Shader Model 3.0."

The studio added: "The PC platform is very challenging with the diverse combinations of hardware and drivers but we're committed to learning and improving our experience in this area. We'll continue to analyse crashes as they're reported and we'll update again in the near future."

EA has said that, due to "limited resources", it won't be delivering downloadable content for the PC version of NFS: Hot Pursuit.

[ SOURCE: Criterion ]