$60 games are 'exploitative' - EA free-to-play boss

Full-priced game market is "a really harsh business model"

Ben Cousins, the boss of EA's free-to-play division, believes the traditional full-priced game market is "exploitative".

The man overseeing the development of the upcoming Battlefield Play4Free project told Rock Paper Shotgun:


"I can't think of anything more exploitative than gating all of your content behind having to pay someone $60. That's a really harsh business model if you think about it objectively.

"What we do is enable everyone to play the game, and figure out if they like it," he added. "If they don't like it they can walk away and they don't lose anything."

Cousins told us earlier this month that Battlefield Play4Free's graphics and feature set are comparable to the top shooters on the market.

[ SOURCE: Rock Paper Shotgun ]