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Dragon Age 2 hit by DRM controversy

BioWare accused of secretly implementing SecuROM's Release Control

Dragon Age 2 developer BioWare and publisher EA have been accused of releasing the RPG with hidden DRM measures.

According to DRM consumer watchdog Reclaim Your Game, the companies didn't notify consumers that SecuROM's Release Control was implemented in Dragon Age 2 before its general release.


Reclaim Your Game further accuses BioWare and EA of wrongly defending their DRM policy by stating that Release Control is not SecuROM, a claim the site says it has since proven to be untrue.

The site says: 'While RYG is in the business of informing Consumers, Publishers and DRM Vendors of how PC Games are truly made, we also inform the very same Industry Sectors on how to increase their revenue through Consumer-based initiatives.

'We went with this passion and knowledge to Bioware in spite of their staunch responses to the SecuROM / Release Control claims. However, we found that no matter how persistent we were in asking for an audience to explain our proposal - no matter the sense of urgency applied, Bioware's Fernando Melo simply responded with the same response that Chris Priestly, Derek French and even Fernando Melo himself responded: The Release Control implemented in Dragon Age 2 was not SecuROM, but from Sony DADC.

'As much as we wanted to help EA and their subsidiaries we felt that any sort of assistance from us could only be given if EA, Bioware and Visceral Games were passionate about fixing the games they themselves created.

'It was that passion which was not seen with Bioware through Fernando Melo and, because of that, as well as with the Dead Space 2 situation, RYG simply declined.'

[ SOURCE: Reclaim Your Game ]