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Warhammer 40K: Space Marine - 'devious' Chaos race revealed

You thought the Orks were tough...

Relic has revealed a new threat for players to go up against in its upcoming Warhammer 40K-based third-person action shooter, Space Marine.

Joining the Ork horde is The Chaos, a race of malevolent creatures that invade from a parallel universe called The Warp.


Unlike the comparatively simple-minded Orks, who are attempting to take over an Imperial Forge World dedicated to creating weapons and armour for the Imperium, the motivation and goal of the Chaos is shrouded in mystery.

The little that is known suggests Captain Titus, the protagonist players take control of, is intrinsically involved in their plans. The Chaos also introduces new gameplay challenges for the player.

Speaking exclusively to CVG, Space Marine game director Raphael van Lierop described the Chaos as a far more "devious" enemy.

"We think Chaos will really excite fans of the game. We know people have been wondering what tricks we have up our sleeves in terms of other enemies in the game, we've already established with our RTS side of 40K that it's about fighting more than one enemy and I think that with Space Marine we've focused on talking about the Orks so far" said Lierop.

"With Chaos we're able to add a new twist to the game for players, giving them an enemy that is much more devious, much more dangerous in small numbers and one that is going to force the player to be think, be a little quicker on their toes and just provide a fresh challenge for them in the game" he added.

Relic has released a few screens and artwork showing off the Renegade Guards, Tainted Psyker and Bloodletter. Check out the screens below and keep an eye out for the full interview later this week.

THQ's executive VP of core games Danny Bilson has said to expect an announcement for Relic's new RTS title in August.