Final Fantasy XI/XIV servers reactivating this Friday

Square shuts off air con and light bulbs in effort to resume service

Square Enix has said it will switch on the servers for its two MMOs, Final Fantasy XI and XIV this Friday at 4pm Pacific time (11pm UK time).

Square Enix shut down its online servers last week following requests from Japanese power companies for businesses and households to limit their use of unnecessary electricity as they struggled with power shortages in the aftermath of the earthquake crisis.


The servers apparently consume 11.6% of Square's Tokyo office's power, and Square's gone to some rather interesting lengths to restore service for you guys.

"We have shut down our air conditioning system (8.8%) and enacted other power conservation measures, such as reducing lighting in our offices, to achieve over 10% in energy usage reductions. With these energy saving measures in place, we will be able to bring our servers back online and restore service," said Square.

So just remember as you're leveling up and casting spells that there's some poor Japanese developers sitting in a dark, cold office so that you can do so.

It goes on to warn: "Please be aware, however, that we may once again be required to suspend services in the event that the power situation worsens."

The firm said at the time that players will not be billed for PlayOnline services throughout the April billing cycle.