3DS 'more than doubled' Wii pre-orders in UK

Stereoscopic 3D handheld set for a stunning launch

Nintendo has said today that the 3DS has "more than doubled" the number of pre-orders that the Wii achieved in 2006 in UK - and there's still three days left.

"The reaction to Nintendo 3DS has exceeded our wildest expectations," said Nintendo UK general manager, David Yarnton. "It's almost certain that the number of Nintendo 3DS consoles sold on Friday will exceed the number of 3D televisions sold in the whole of 2010," he goes on to speculate. Kinda funny, that.


"Until now 3D has been too expensive, too clumsy and too restricted," added Yarnton. "With Nintendo 3DS it's mobile. It's affordable. It's glasses-free. And it's here, now."

3DS launched in Japan on February 26, where it sold 400,000 units in just two days. Amazon UK announced last week that the handheld has become the most pre-ordered games console in's history, saying pre-order numbers were 56 percent greater than they were for Wii.

It has been speculated that Nintendo will deliver 185,000 3DS units to UK for the big launch this Friday. That should be enough for our little island, don't you think?