This guy's already queuing for 3DS

A week outside a store. Mentalist or champion?

The bloke in the video below apparently calls himself Triforce, and wears a NES-themed hat and coat - he's THAT hardcore. But that's nothing. He's already been queuing outside a Best Buy store for a day, and 3DS isn't out for another five.

This is in New York where, as one glimpse of BBC weather tells us, temperatures will hover around four to six degrees during the day, and drop to a blistering -4 at night. Rain and sleet is also expected.


The video was recorded yesterday, Monday 21 March. The 3DS isn't out in US until Sunday, March 27. Don't get us wrong - waiting outside for a few hours at midnight launches are always good fun, and something we thoroughly enjoy. But a week in freezing conditions? Sod that.

Triforce says "it's a tradition", and has a friend who's actually mad enough to join him. This does mean, however, that they can take turns nipping off for food or the loo, and even shoot home for a shower.

And thank heavens for that, because otherwise by the time 3DS arrives he'd be nothing but a bony corpse lying in a pile of his own waste matter. Cherish that image.

And good luck to Triforce. You're a champion in our eyes.

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[ SOURCE: Via Destructoid ]