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Xbox 360 owners are the most active digital game buyers

Downloadable game sales on the rise across all three home consoles

Xbox 360 owners are the most active console digital game buyers, according to data from market research firm EEDAR.

55 percent of North American 360 owners bought at least one game digitally last year, up from about 43 percent in 2009, Gamasutra reports.


Digital sales increased on the other two home console platforms too. About 50 percent of US PS3 owners purchased at least one downloadable game last year, up from around 42 percent in 2009, while 43 percent of Wii owners did, up from around 37 percent.

EEDAR said that price points for downloadable games are "slowly increasing". Last year, the average cost of a downloadable game across the three consoles was $10.

It added that it expects revenue from downloadable games and DLC to generate 26 percent of all console software sales by 2014.

[ SOURCE: Gamasutra ]