Homefront 360 'freeze bug' is highest priority - Kaos

Developer working "around the clock" to improve the game on all platforms

Homefront developer Kaos has detailed a number of upcoming patches for the shooter, with a fix for freezing issues on Xbox 360 its "highest priority".


Following the launch of a multiplayer patch last week, the developer gave a status update on its work on all platforms, which follows:

Update 1: Xbox 360 Critical Title Update
- Scheduled for Microsoft Submission in the next day or two
- Fixing the Xbox Live Profile Corruption 'Freeze' Issue
- Fix for players being matched in distant server locations

Update 2: Additional Game Issues Fixes
- PlayStation 3 Update will release as soon as fixes are ready.
- Xbox 360 will submit as soon as Update 1 is released live.

Fixes include:
- Multiplayer Freezing (affecting X360 & PS3)
- Experience and Statistics Resets (affecting X360 & PS3)
- Improving Party Matchmaking & Joining with Friends (affecting X360 & PS3)
- Fixing the Beacon Error (affecting X360 only)
- Correcting inconsistent Leaderboards data (affecting X360 & PS3)

The developer also said of the PC version: The PC patching process is a much more "real-time" situation, given they do not need to go through any kind of certification process and fixes are being made and delivered as soon as they are resolved."

[ SOURCE: Homefront ]